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Yufeng group

Yufeng culture

Friendly, harmonious, warm and great love enterprise 

The endogenous power of enterprise development lies in the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees. Therefore, Yufeng industrial group puts forward the idea of building a friendly, harmonious, warm and loving enterprise. Treat the employees as their relatives, treat the employees as the wealth and soul of the enterprise. Yufeng industrial group adheres to the humanized mode of sharing development achievements with employees. Since its inception, it has invested 300 million yuan in the construction of 50000 square meters of employee housing, large restaurants, apartments and multi-functional Entertainment Center for employees. We have paid social basic insurance such as endowment insurance and work-related injury insurance in full for employees. At the end of each year, the advanced collectives and excellent employees of the enterprise are commended and rewarded. On the occasion of women's day on March 8, the female employees are commended and rewarded, and souvenirs are distributed. They actively participate in the activity of "one-day donation of employees" to help and comfort the employees in difficulties and help them tide over the difficulties. At the same time, during the period of May Day, wheat harvest, Mid Autumn Festival and spring festival every year, welfare is provided to all employees.



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