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Chairman's introduction

As the chairman and general manager of Yufeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., he also served as deputy to Hebei Provincial People's Congress, member of Standing Committee of Hebei Federation of industry and commerce, chairman of Ningjin Federation of industry and commerce, President of Ningjin General Chamber of Commerce, etc. The chairman of the board of directors has spent more than 10 years to develop Yufeng group from a small enterprise into a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, a high-tech enterprise, a national demonstration enterprise of agricultural products processing industry, and a national top 20 enterprise of starch sugar industry with an output value, assets of more than 3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 200 million yuan. The group has been rated as "river sugar" successively Yuxing trademark has been recognized as one of the top 100 private enterprises in northern province, innovation and entrepreneurship team of Hebei giant plan, leading enterprise of Hebei Industrial Cluster, secondary enterprise of safety standardization in Hebei Province, advanced unit of scientific and technological innovation in food industry in Hebei Province, advanced enterprise of quality and benefit in Hebei Province, and advanced enterprise of food safety management in food industry in Hebei Province "China's well-known trademark" and "Hebei Province famous brand products" have also won many honorary titles, such as outstanding communist party members of Hebei Province, entrepreneurs of Hebei Province, leading talents of innovation and entrepreneurship team of Hebei Province, and advanced individuals of scientific and technological innovation in food industry of Hebei Province. By the end of October 2015, the group had realized an output value of 3 billion yuan and paid taxes of 162 million yuan.

Since 2016, leading Yufeng group to comprehensively implement the people-oriented scientific outlook on development by means of technological progress and technological innovation, taking projects as the carrier, building a harmonious enterprise and realizing sustainable development as the purpose, Yufeng group has made new achievements in enterprise development, mainly as follows: for more than ten years, under the leadership of the chairman, Yufeng group has always been "making corn processing industry bigger and stronger, benefiting the people" Taking quality and benefit as the core, standardized management and scientific and technological innovation as the means, project as the carrier, enterprise transformation and upgrading, and sustainable development as the purpose, the group has achieved overall improvement through the implementation of lean management.



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